Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome Everyone To My Webpage!

My Name Is Lisa, & I'll Be Your Videographer Today! 

I am very passionate about my work. I strive to make each client's video a masterpiece. I achieve this by not only acquiring exquisite cinematography footage, I also include high quality photography work and editing graphics, specific to the client's needs. The equipment I use is the latest & highest quality available on the market.

With a wide variety of package deals, you can customize which equipment is suitable for your video needs. No matter what the package, you can be sure to get what you need at an unbeatable rate! Extremely affordable, I'm able to keep my prices well below cost because I work independently & not corporate.

Here is some of the equipment I own & operate. Feel free to browse through my work & my services and book your appointment today with a Free Consultation!

*Capturing The Moment With The Canon XF100*
This versatile light weight professional camcorder captures every scene in crystal clear HD format, which makes it perfect for Action Shots, Still Shots, Interviews & even in Low Lighting Conditions.

Accessories Bundle Include:

6 Attachable Lenses
(Wide Angle, Fisheye, Telephoto, Filters, etc)

Boom Stick with Microphone
Wireless Microphones
Attachable LED Lighting
2 - 32GB CF Cards (160 min recording)
2 - 4 hour batteries

Want News Production Clarity, With A Hint Of Cinematic Effects?
The Canon XF300 Delivers!
Enhance your viewing experience & upgrade to the XF300! With stunning retina display, High Quality HD, delivers flawless motion transitions from scene to scene & captures every detail. While the XF100 is fantastic for action shots, the XF300 is designed to give Interview segments a sensational rich colored News Cast clarity that will make your videos truly stand out from the rest!

This Professional Broadcast Camcorder is best for Commercials, Documentary, Interviews & Wedding Ceremonies. 

*BONUS* All Videography Sessions Comes With Complimentary Still Shots From My Professional SLR Canon t3i Rebel Camera!
Complete with Full Photoshop Editing! Photography stills are burned to a disk, containing both original & edited photographs. A virtually unheard-of offer from videographers. See which package comes with amount of images offered!

*Also available for independent photography sessions as well!
(Here's Some Sample Pics From The Canon t3i Rebel)

Looking To Include Raw, Yet Incredibly Clear Footage?
Do you want to have a few scenes of your video to include some "Hidden Camera Effects?" The Panasonic TM80 delivers some incredible HD clarity. While not impressive for sound, it works best for action & angled shots. Compliment the footage with Music & Special Effects & its makes for fantastic footage fillers!
Comes with an X-Grip stabilizer & LED Lighting.
CLICK HERE to check out some cheesy, yet, hilarious sample footage from the Panasonic TM80.

*Want To Capture Insane Action Shots For Your Video?*

I have 3 Go Pro Hero 2's, complete with accessories, to capture extreme action shots that are inaccessible to any other camcorders on the market. With crystal clear clarity & full waterproof casing (For Under Water Shots) the Go Pro delivers surprisingly incredible footage quality with stellar wide angle effects, capturing all the little details that creates an intense excitement for viewers. These small camcorders can be mounted onto bike handles, helmets, skate, surf & snow boards, car visors, chest mounts & more.

Ideal for Sports, Stunts, Performances, Rides, Dives & More!

Sporting Events
Family Reunions
Special Occasions
Behind The Scenes
T.V. Episodes
Custom Projects

If you are not seeing a service listed & have a video project in mind, please feel free to contact me & I will be more than happy to accommodate and work out a plan to get your vision on screen!


Your Perfect Video Studios

Located In Tempe Arizona, "Your Perfect Video Studios" will be equipped with the highest quality photography & film equipment at an amazingly affordable rental cost! Complete with various soft backdrop canvases & vinyl backdrops - white, black & gray, including a full size Green Screen on wall & floor. Plenty of various lighting - soft boxes, strobe, spot light, flood & continuous lighting, colored gels & more! Costume rooms & Make Up Stations---This studio will also include Rental Equipment & Crew members for hire!
(Studio Is Coming Soon!)